In 1898 Giovanni Cavallaro arrived in the United States at Ellis Island in New York. He was an Italian immigrant from a small town in Sicily called St. John.

Upon arriving in the U.S. he lived in Manhattan for a short time doing odd jobs. In the summer of 1901 he found steady work as a sharecropper in Chester, NY, 60 miles north of New York City.

Giovanni grew escarole and chicory as he did in Sicily. By 1908 he had saved enough money to purchase 2.5 acres of farmland. 1908 was also the year his son Anthony James was born. Giovanni and his son Anthony purchased more farmland over the years. By the late 1920’s they had acquired over 40 acres while adding crops such as celery, carrots, boston, romaine and iceberg along with escarole and chicory.

Anthony James had two sons John and Sam. In 1958 John purchased farmland in nearby Goshen, NY. He bought 30 acres and decided to experiment with onions while sticking with different varieties of lettuce. The small farm grew to over 100 acres as Sam joined the operation in 1962.

Throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s as equipment and technology became more advanced, the operation grew to about 300 acres of onions and salad greens. Cooling systems, onion storage and drying capabilities were added.

In 1980 John’s son Andrew joined the family business followed by Sam’s son Christopher in 1987. By this time, Cavallaro farms was becoming one of the largest mixed greens growers, shippers and packers in the northeast.

In 1990 they purchased their first onion packaging machine which had capabilities to size and weigh the product to near perfection. As always commitment to quality and service was priority number one which lead to more demand for our custom packed onions. Because of the strong demand AJC began adding more packaging equipment and a fleet of refrigerated trucks.

In 2006 Andrew’s son, Anthony James, fifth generation Cavallero, joined the family business, bringing new ideas and energy to ensure the company’s future.