Some frequestly asked questions:

Do you grow onions on your farm?

Yes, we do. Since 1898 this has been a proud farming family. Our Orange County, NY farm grows delicious onions. We are proud of our heritage and our crops.

Do you custom package for grocery stores and retailers?

Yes, we do. Call us for more information.

Why is the dirt in the Warwick/ Pine Island/Goshen/ Florida NY region so BLACK?

This unique valley formed from the decay of plants and the remains of a great shallow swamp as a result of glaciers melting away over 10,000 years ago. It’s great soil for growing many crops, but world-famous for growing onions!

Are you safety certified?

Yes, we are certified through PrimusGFS, a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked and fully recognized audit scheme covering both GAP and GMP scopes as well as food safety management systems (FSMS). ThePrimusGFS is owned and managed by Azzule Systems. PrimusLabs was the first Certification Body to be ISO 65 accredited and Azzule approved for this new GFSI audit.

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Our Top Sellers

Cavallaro Brand 100%
Top Gun 100%
Savannah Sweets 100%

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Welcome to Cavallaro Farms. We grow, package and sell yellow, red, white, Spanish and sweet onions, from our Goshen, New York family farm.

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Our Brands

Our brands are: Top Gun, Cavallaro Brand, and Savannah Sweet Onions. We also custom package onions for supermarkets and retailers.


Custom Packaging

At Cavallaro Farms, we use state of the art equipment to clean, sort, weigh, grade and package our onions for sale. We take great pride in this part of our business.